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Oil Battery

Project Name: Oil Battery

Client: Obsidian Energy

Location: Peace River, AB, Canada

Timeline: 2019

Project Summary:

The scope of the project consists installing the following equipment:

  • Inlet slug catcher/separator unit
  • 2500BHP natural gas drive reciprocating sales gas compressor
  • Dehydration package
  • Sales gas sweetening unit
  • Upside the main flare header piping
  • Install a new flare stack complete with flare K.O drum
  • Install new fuel gas header system
  • Install a BETX condensing system

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Process simulated the station using VMGSim
  • Sized all the major equipment
  • Completed Hydraulic line sizing
  • Conducted flare system study and Analysis of the existing flare system
  • Verified and approved all third-party shop drawings
  • Structural members design and selection for all pipe modules
  • Piling sizing
  • Foundation and footing design for the inlet slug catcher/separator unit
  • Produced over 900 shop fabricated drawings
  • Coordinated with vendors and suppliers on procurement related activities

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